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MAZDA 0222-18-110
MAZDA 0744-18-110
MAZDA 0801-18-600
MAZDA 0802-18-600
MAZDA 0865-18-600
MAZDA 0866-18-600
MAZDA 0867-18-600
MAZDA 0868-18-600
MAZDA 1483-18-600
MAZDA 1534-18-110
MAZDA 1690-18-110
MAZDA 1A61-18-110
MAZDA 1E03-18-110
MAZDA 1E05-18-110
MAZDA 2182-18-600
MAZDA 2328-18-600
MAZDA 3647-18-600
MAZDA 3648-18-600
MAZDA 3649-18-600
MAZDA 3743-18-600
MAZDA 3744-18-600
MAZDA 3953-18-110
MAZDA 3954-18-110
MAZDA 4095-18-110
MAZDA 8183-18-600
MAZDA 8344-18-600
MAZDA 8345-18-600
MAZDA 8914-18-110
MAZDA AZ28-18-110
MAZDA AZ29-18-110
MAZDA B601-18-110
MAZDA B602-18-110
MAZDA B695-18-110
MAZDA B696-18-110
MAZDA BP01-18-110
MAZDA BP02-18-110
MAZDA BP03-18-110
MAZDA BP04-18-110
MAZDA BP05-18-110
MAZDA BP06-18-110
MAZDA BP11-18-110
MAZDA BP12-18-110
MAZDA BP47-18-110
MAZDA BP48-18-110
MAZDA BP49-18-110
MAZDA BP50-18-110
MAZDA BP8J-18-110
MAZDA F201-18-110
MAZDA F202-18-110A
MAZDA F220-18-110
MAZDA F221-18-110
MAZDA F285-18-110
MAZDA F286-18-110
MAZDA F287-18-110
MAZDA F288-18-110
MAZDA F289-18-110
MAZDA F290-18-110
MAZDA F293-18-110
MAZDA F2C5-18-110
MAZDA H288-18-110
MAZDA IA11-18-110
MAZDA JE04-18-110
MAZDA JE41-18-110
MAZDA JE42-18-110
MAZDA JE43-18-110
MAZDA JE44-18-110
MAZDA KJ11-18-110
MAZDA KJ12-18-110
MAZDA KJ13-18-110
MAZDA KJ14-18-110
MAZDA KJ16-18-110
MAZDA KJ17-18-110
MAZDA KJ18-18-110
MAZDA LH13-18-110
MAZDA N201-18-600
MAZDA N202-18-600
MAZDA N212-18-600
MAZDA N217-18-600
MAZDA N229-18-600
MAZDA N230-18-600
MAZDA N245-18-600
MAZDA N319-18-110
MAZDA N322-18-110
MAZDA N323-18-110
MAZDA N333-18-110
MAZDA N338-18-110
MAZDA N339-18-110
MAZDA N342-18-110
MAZDA N3A1-18-110
MAZDA N3A3-18-110
MAZDA N3Y1-18-110
MAZDA Z601-18-110
MAZDA ZM01-18-110
MAZDA ZM02-18-110
MAZDA ZZ33-18-110
MAZDA ZZS1-18-110
MAZDA ZZS2-18-110
MAZDA ZZS4-18-110
MAZDA JF03 18 110
MAZDA B660 18 110
MAZDA B6B3 18 110
MAZDA JE26 18 110
MAZDA F220 18 110
MAZDA BP01 18 110
MAZDA JE41 18 110
MAZDA 1N04 18 110
MAZDA BP49 18 110
MAZDA BP03 18 110
MAZDA JE43 18 110
MAZDA BP05 18 110
MAZDA 0660 18 110
MAZDA 1002 77 550
MAZDA 0259 18 110
MAZDA 1003 77 550
MAZDA AZ08 18 110
MAZDA 8914 18 110
MAZDA FE79 18 110
MAZDA AY02 18 110
MAZDA AZ28 18 110
MAZDA 1A61 18 110
MAZDA 1N08 18 110
MAZDA 1A01 18 110
MAZDA KJ13 18 110
MAZDA KJ11 18 110
MAZDA F287 18 110
MAZDA F201 18 110
MAZDA F285 18 110
MAZDA 0000-18-N3A2
MAZDA 0000-18-N3A3
MAZDA 0000-18-N3A4
MAZDA 0000-18-N3Y1
MAZDA 0000-18-N3Y8
MAZDA 0000-18-N3Y9
MAZDA 0190 18 110
MAZDA 0190-18-110
MAZDA 0243 18 110
MAZDA 0243-18-110
MAZDA 0259-18-110
MAZDA 0370 18 110
MAZDA 0370-18-110
MAZDA 0371 18 110
MAZDA 0371-18-110
MAZDA 0376 18 110
MAZDA 0376-18-110
MAZDA 0419 18 110
MAZDA 0419-18-110
MAZDA 0420 18 110
MAZDA 0420-18-110
MAZDA 0512 18 110
MAZDA 0512-18-110
MAZDA 0660-18-110
MAZDA 0745 18 110
MAZDA 0745-18-110
MAZDA 0801 18 600
MAZDA 0802 18 600
MAZDA 0803 18 600
MAZDA 0803-18-600
MAZDA 0822 78 455
MAZDA 0822 78 456
MAZDA 0822 78 457
MAZDA 0865 18 600
MAZDA 0866 18 600
MAZDA 0867 18 600
MAZDA 0868 18 600
MAZDA 100177550
MAZDA 1001-77-550
MAZDA 100277550
MAZDA 1002-77-550
MAZDA 100377550
MAZDA 1003-77-550
MAZDA 141018110
MAZDA 1410-18-110
MAZDA 1482 18 600A
MAZDA 1482-18-600A
MAZDA 169018110
MAZDA 175718600
MAZDA 1757-18-600
MAZDA 1A01-18-110
MAZDA 1A02-18-110
MAZDA 1A03-18-110
MAZDA 1A04-18-110
MAZDA 1A06-18-110
MAZDA 1A08-18-110
MAZDA 1A10-18-110
MAZDA 1A50-18-110
MAZDA 1A53-18-110
MAZDA 1N00-18-110
MAZDA 1N04-18-110
MAZDA 1N05-18-110
MAZDA 1N06-18-110
MAZDA 1N07-18-110
MAZDA 1N08-18-110
MAZDA 1N09-18-110
MAZDA 1N11-18-110
MAZDA 1N13-18-110
MAZDA 1N15-18-110
MAZDA 1N17-18-110
MAZDA 1UN0-18-110
MAZDA 1UN1-18-110
MAZDA 1UN2-18-110
MAZDA 1UN3-18-110
MAZDA 1UN4-18-110
MAZDA 1UN6-18-110
MAZDA 1UN7-18-110
MAZDA 1UN9-18-110
MAZDA 1UNA-18-110
MAZDA 1UNC-18-110
MAZDA 1UND-18-110
MAZDA 1UNF-18-110
MAZDA 1UNG-18-110
MAZDA 1UNH-18-110
MAZDA 1UX0-18-110
MAZDA 1UX1-18-110
MAZDA 1UX3-18-110
MAZDA 1UX4-18-110
MAZDA 1UX6-18-110
MAZDA 1UX7-18-110
MAZDA 1UX9-18-110
MAZDA 1UXA-18-110
MAZDA 1UXC-18-110
MAZDA 1UXD-18-110
MAZDA 1UXF-18-110
MAZDA 1UXG-18-110
MAZDA 1UXH-18-110
MAZDA 1UXJ-18-110
MAZDA 218218600
MAZDA 2183-18-600
MAZDA 232818600
MAZDA 235918600
MAZDA 2359-18-600
MAZDA 2996-18-600
MAZDA 364818600
MAZDA 364918600
MAZDA 371018110
MAZDA 3710-18-110
MAZDA 374318600
MAZDA 374418600
MAZDA 407518110
MAZDA 4075-18-110
MAZDA 488518110
MAZDA 4885-18-110
MAZDA 489418110
MAZDA 4894-18-110
MAZDA 818218600
MAZDA 8182-18-600
MAZDA 824818600
MAZDA 834418600
MAZDA 8526-18-600
MAZDA 8527-18-600
MAZDA 891418110
MAZDA A501 18 110
MAZDA A501-18-110
MAZDA AY02-18-110
MAZDA AZ08-18-110
MAZDA B601 18 110
MAZDA B64N 18 110
MAZDA B64N-18-110
MAZDA B660-18-110
MAZDA B695 18 110
MAZDA B6B3-18-110
MAZDA BP47 18 110
MAZDA BP51 18 110
MAZDA BP51-18-110
MAZDA E356 18 110
MAZDA F203 18 110
MAZDA F203-18-110
MAZDA F205 18 110
MAZDA F205-18-110
MAZDA F210 18 110
MAZDA F210-18-110
MAZDA F289 18 110
MAZDA F806-18-110
MAZDA F8B1-18-110
MAZDA F8B3-18-110
MAZDA F8B5-18-110
MAZDA F8B7-18-110
MAZDA F8L6-18-110
MAZDA F8L8-18-110
MAZDA FE3N-18-110
MAZDA FE6E 18 110
MAZDA FE6E-18-110
MAZDA FE79-18-110
MAZDA JE03 18 110
MAZDA JE03-18-110
MAZDA JE26-18-110
MAZDA JE27-18-110
MAZDA JE45 18 110
MAZDA JE45-18-110
MAZDA JF03-18-110
MAZDA KJ15-18-110
MAZDA L303-18-110
MAZDA L341-18-110
MAZDA L3Y1-18-110
MAZDA L3Y2-18-110
MAZDA L3Y3-18-110
MAZDA L3Y4-18-110
MAZDA L813 18 110
MAZDA L814-18-110
MAZDA N201 18 600
MAZDA N203-18-600
MAZDA N212 18 600
MAZDA N212-18-600A
MAZDA N218-18-600
MAZDA N246-18-600
MAZDA N322 18 110
MAZDA N328-18-110
MAZDA N329 18 110
MAZDA N329-18-110
MAZDA N333 18 110
MAZDA N335-18-110
MAZDA N338 18 110
MAZDA N339 18 110
MAZDA N342 18 110
MAZDA N343 18 110
MAZDA N343-18-110
MAZDA N390 18 110
MAZDA N390-18-110
MAZDA N3A1 18 110
MAZDA N3A2-18-110
MAZDA N3A3 18 110
MAZDA N3A4-18-110
MAZDA N3Y2-18-110
MAZDA N3Y3-18-110
MAZDA N3Y4-18-110
MAZDA N3Y5-18-110
MAZDA N3Y6-18-110
MAZDA N3Y7-18-110
MAZDA N3y8-18-110
MAZDA N3Y9-18-110
MAZDA N3Z1-18-110
MAZDA N3Z2-18-110
MAZDA TF50-18-110
MAZDA ZR03-18-110
MAZDA ZZS3-18-110



Franchising With Driven Brands


If you are considering purchasing a franchise in the automotive aftermarket, then fasten your seatbelt and get ready to roll. Driven Brands and its family of franchise companies are looking for high-energy individuals who are ready to take control of their careers.

With over 1,700 units in operation today, Driven Brands is the number one choice when considering a franchise in the automotive industry.

Get Behind The Wheel

Behind the wheel of the most diversified automotive franchise company in the world is a great place to be—a place with countless advantages and responsibilities. We are completely dedicated to helping entrepreneurs reach their highest level of success and growth potential. Our diversified franchise portfolio provides unparalleled opportunities throughout the automotive franchise industry. The investment levels range from as low as $50,000 for our mobile brands and from $250,000 to $350,000 for our stand alone concepts. Today, our franchisees service over 70,000 customers each and every week and collectively produce nearly $1 billion in annual revenues, making Driven Brands the ultimate automotive franchise holding company.

Winner’s Circle
Our team is a circle of winners that would not be complete without every component working together as a well-oiled machine. From each member of our corporate team to every franchisee and their dedicated staff, our company culture is evident and the goal is the same: we work together every day to be the best we can be and to deliver the best service possible.

A Passionate Pursuit
Driven Brands’ passion for helping people realize their dreams is fueled by one of the leaders of the franchise industry, Ken Walker. Having joined Meineke (now Driven Brands) as president and CEO in 1996, Walker has fearlessly led our company well into the 21st century. His strong ties to the franchise industry have greatly enhanced each of our brands and their ability to continue to grow and remain relevant. After many years of service, including an appointment as chairman of the IFA (International Franchise Organization) Educational Foundation, we are proud to announce that Ken Walker is the incoming chairman of the IFA.

A Solid Framework
Our legacy is truly a collection of rich and unique success stories that has evolved over the last 30 plus years. In 2006, under the leadership of Ken Walker, the dream of creating the nation’s largest automotive franchise holding company became a reality.

Collectively, our brands have been providing services to businesses and consumers alike for more than 130 years. Our brands successfully operate under the veteran leadership of their senior executive teams and are also highly influenced and challenged by our high-tech and state-of-the-art support team. As a result, our brands operate proven business systems using the latest in today’s technologies and applications. While each of our brands operates independently, Driven Brands has created a “shared service” division that supports each brand in a variety of ways.

Today, Driven Brands’ shared service team provides many synergistic opportunities to both our franchisees and to consumers, that are simply unmatched by any other brand. From training and support to incredible marketing and product purchase power, Driven Brands is the dominant force within the automotive and franchise industry.

Locally Grounded

Despite our size, we recognize that all business starts at the local level. We value our franchisees and what they do for our consumers and within our communities. If you are looking for the support of an established and proven organization, but enjoy the comforts of a family operation, then Driven Brands and its family of franchise concepts is the fit for you.


Maaco History

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting has been making, and keeping, automobiles aesthetically pleasing since 1972. Dubbed “America’s Body Shop,” but renowned worldwide, Maaco maintains nearly 500 locations across the globe. Since 1972, we have repaired over 16.5 million vehicles—enough to create a 15-lane traffic jam from New York to Los Angeles.

The Aesthetics Of The Auto Industry

At Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Maaco has been making, and keeping, automobiles aesthetically pleasing since 1972. Dubbed “America’s Body Shop,” but renowned worldwide, Maaco maintains nearly 500 locations across the globe. Since 1972, we have repaired over 16.5 million vehicles—enough to create a 15-lane traffic jam from New York to Los Angeles.


Currently, Maaco provides auto paint and auto body repair services for over 12,000 vehicles a week and 600,000 a year—more than any other company in North America!

Worth A Second Look
Maaco is regarded as one of today’s best automotive franchise opportunities. With system-wide sales approaching 1/2 billion dollars, we are North America’s number-one automotive aftermarket franchise in terms of unit sales. Maaco has been recognized by experts in both the franchising industry and the media for our overall excellence, growth potential and helpful support systems for store operators.

Meineke History

In Houston, Texas, in 1972, Sam Meineke began with only one store and a single product line. Since that time, the Meineke brand name has evolved from a “muffler” shop to the automotive “car care” center you know today. Nationwide, there are over 900 of these car care centers today.

Geared For Business Success

Meineke has successfully adapted its automotive business franchise system to the one-stop model that today's consumers are looking for. Together, both franchisor and franchisees share the advantages of a nationally recognized name, a broad range of services, hands-on training, and a Meineke system that's geared for business success. Benefits like these give each Meineke franchise a significant edge over the automotive competition in their market area.

In fact, here are some other people who think highly of the Meineke business model:

•American Association of Franchisees and Dealers
•Franchise Times Magazine
•Entrepreneur Magazine
•Hispanic Enterprise Magazine
•National Minority Franchising Initiative
•Black Enterprise Magazine

Econo Lube N Tune History

In August of 2006, Meineke, through its parent company Driven Brands, Inc. acquired Econo Lube N' Tune, Inc.- a chain of nearly 200 quick lube and general repair service centers located throughout the southwest portion of the United States.

Along Came Econo Lube

In August of 2006, Meineke, through its parent company Driven Brands, Inc. acquired Econo Lube N' Tune, Inc.- a chain of nearly 200 quick lube and general repair service centers located throughout the southwest portion of the United States.


The Meineke Car Care and Econo Lube Co-Brand opportunity combines nearly 80 years of automotive and franchise leadership and nearly 1,100 locations, providing the ultimate business system in today's automotive aftermarket. With the ability to provide a fast and convenient quick lube service and complete car care, our co-brand centers are able to meet and exceed the expectation of today's customers.



Mobile Services History

Over the past 35 plus years, Driven Brands has acquired three different mobile service brands, each with their own niche in the automotive care industry. The mobile services business model is truly unique.

America’s Paint Repair Specialists

Aero Colours, Inc. has been delivering high-quality mobile auto touch-up and paint repair service since 1985. Aero Colours is recognized as the market leader in the paint repair industry based on our superior paint repair processes, industry-leading products, and highly trained and motivated franchisees. In addition to the dealer market, opportunities also exist with wholesalers, commercial fleets and individual car owners.

Experience in paint repair is not necessary as many of our successful franchisees come to us with unrelated business experience and careers. We will provide you with the tools and guidance that will help you build and grow your business if you have a genuine interest and are willing to make the commitment for success


AutoQual is North America's #1 mobile provider of vehicle cleaning, restoration, protection and maintenance services to new and used car dealers. We are #1 in our category, in both size and market share. Founded in Denver, Colorado in 1998, AutoQual has evolved to become the successful franchise it is today.

Starting as a small, local business, AutoQual has grown to over 80 franchises servicing thousands of car dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. AutoQual continues to expand its service offering and market presence through structured programs of diversification and sales development. You could expand with us next!

Your Style Accessorized

Drive N Style is a mobile installation company, with a focus on creating "Special Editions." Our CREATE YOUR OWN SPECIAL EDITION™ is part of a $29 billion retail industry that capitalizes on America's love affair with cars and trucks. We are #1 in our category and a franchise success throughout North America.

Our business model has our franchisees working right on the lots of new car dealerships. Before a new car is driven off the lot, our franchisees can install complementary, stylish products including wood or stainless dash kits, wood or stainless steering wheels, stainless grilles, rear deck spoilers, and exterior stainless or chrome trim and a host of truck accessories.

If you're looking for an exciting, fast-paced and low-risk business with minimal investment and start-up time, Drive N Style is an opportunity you should seriously consider. Contact us today to see if a Drive N Style mobile franchise is right up your alley.


Driven Brands could not be more proud of the North American expansion and exposure that its Maaco and Meineke brands have garnered over the past 35 years and counting. Just in recent years our international expansion has started to flourish. We have begun to set up shop in a number of markets across the globe, spanning three countries on three continents with more in the pipeline.

Our plan is to become the leader in the global automotive service business, bringing franchise innovation, a proven business model and incredible brand equity to other countries. Below, we will touch upon the available Master License opportunities that enable entrepreneurial organizations and individuals in other countries to become franchisors, utilizing the same system for success.


Currently Seeking Master Licensee's for:

• South America
• Central America
• Mexico
• Europe
• South Africa
• South Korea
• Middle East
• China
• Taiwan


CLIC AQUI: ReparaciĆ³n de Colisiones

Currently Seeking Master Licensee's for:

• Brazil
• Central America
• Ireland
• Spain
• Portugal
• Eastern Europe
• Middle East
• China
• Taiwan
• Singapore
• Philippines

Contact: Robert Margetts
800-275-5200 x 8146

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